Fake News and the 2018 Midterms


Congratulations to Villanova for winning the 2018 NCAA Tournament. They were the only thing good about my bracket. Today we're discussing fake news. What constitutes fake news? Who should police it? How? Other countries making it a crime punishable by time in da clink. Mark Zuckerberg goes from media darling and aspiring presidential candidate to scapegoat who allowed Trump to collude with Russia in order to steal the 2016 election from Hillary. Problems with policing "fake news," especially when it's viewed differently depending upon whether it comes from liberal or conservative sources. More speech. Robust, open debate. Refute false ideas and accusations. Are some Conservatives silenced on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sources? Are these social media platforms gearing up to prevent Republican and Conservative messages from influencing people on social during 2018 midterms?