Is a "Blue Wave" Coming in 2018?


Today we look at the 2018 midterms through the lens of the current political story lines. Trump's approval rating is at 51%. Mueller reveals Trump is not a target, but rather a target in his investigation. Jonathan Turley asks when media will accept this reality. Historical perspective of midterm elections - and the effects on the Party in the White House. While a trend may be building, elections must be won by individual candidates. Trump sends National Guard troops to the border. The Left tells us walls don't work. I wonder if they think troops work. Or should we just mow the grass like Nancy Pelosi proclaims? Liberalism hasn't been chalking up political victories. Instead, Blue Dog Democrats are making a comeback. Problem is, these folks give us Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other radical Leftists as their leaders. And they must beg and plead to cast a vote contrary to the Far Left leadership. This is not a good thing.