Fundamental Truths


Even Bill de Blasio couldn’t stand by and accept Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s explanation of NYC’s tax break for Amazon. A lot of teachable nuggets in this. Government v Private Sector. The fallout over Trump’s declaration of a national emergency. Slippery slope? Can vs should. Out until next week.

A National Emergency.


Trump will sign legislation concerning border security that Congress negotiated. But he will also declare it a national emergency. What happens next? Legal challenges? Congressional attempt to override declaration? Supreme Court? What constitutes an emergency? Some examples. Violent crimes committed by criminal illegal aliens. Conflating issues. Our government isn’t responsible for deaths caused by cardiovascular disease, but it does bear responsibility for deaths caused by criminal illegal aliens when it doesn’t take legitimate steps to stop or at least impede illegal immigration. Book claims female secret service agents don’t want to be assigned to Joe Biden because of his skinny dipping!

Silly Sophists


Crazy nonsense coming from radical politicians. Political posturing. Senator Menendez (D-NJ) threatens to call Capital Police for asking him questions in a public place about the Green New Deal. Robert (Beto) O’Rourke stands behind fencing at a rally where he said, “Walls end lives.” No reports of any life ending because of Beto’s fences. Cory Spartacus and his war on meat. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) says Mitch McConnell is sabotaging his Green New Deal legislation by calling it to a vote. Pure sophistry. Trump appears poised to sign border security compromise legislation. Reviewing some of his other options, courtesy of our friends at CNN. A listener asks about tax refunds and Trump’s tax reform.

Poetic Justice


MSNBC reports that both Republicans and Democrats serving on the Senate Intelligence Committee agree that there is no direct evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. This couldn’t be scripted any better than this. This is huge - and maybe the media should cover it as incessantly as they did the Russian Collusion narrative. Congress’ negotiated border deal. What will Trump do? Two ways of looking at this. I think Trump supporters should be prepared to accept this as the best starting point. Ted Cruz suggests using $14 billion in assets seized from El Chapo to fund wall. This would be poetic justice.

Now What?


Reports that Congress has negotiated a deal on the border. Initial reports indicate that approximately 25% of Trump's requests have been made. What next? Will it pass Congress? Will Trump veto? For radical Democrats, this isn’t about securing the border; it’s about an open border. Cutting resources for those who are supposed to be enforcing immigration laws. (Of course, they really want to abolish ICE.) Limited barriers. Limited enforcement. Democrat Presidential candidates race to the Left. Bernie Sanders has been lost in a sea of Bernie Sanders. George Washington letter cites Providence (God) as an integral part of the ratification of the Constitution. Can buy this baby for $140K.