Omarosa, Pelosi & Kavanaugh


Omarosa makes unauthorized recordings inside White House. Releases audio of John Kelly firing her. She'd do it again. Inconsistent statements. National security violation? Prosecution? Brett Kavanaugh hearing to start September 4. Get ready. Joe Donnelly to meet. Political cover. Nancy Pelosi says NBC trying to undermine her attempts to be Speaker. To be consistent, we better say this is a war on the First Amendment. Lee Strobel. 


Trump, Strobel And Three Years


Lee Strobel interview. What questions do you want me to ask him? The impact he had on me. Really excited to talk with him. The political narrative. If Trump's on the ballot and wins, it's because of Russia. If Trump is not on the ballot and the guy he endorses wins - but not by enough - it's a referendum on Trump? Today marks our 3 year anniversary. Started in the closet. Grateful to our loyal listeners for helping our show grow. Thank you. NFL protests again. Who's putting up with this nonsense anymore? Special interview airs TOMORROW (yes, Saturday). Listen on Freedom 95 or sign-up for our free email newsletter to get exclusive online access. Sign up at 

Democrats Running On Russia


Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) throws a political molotov cocktail into the campaign by saying Russians have infiltrated the election. Refuses to provide any other information for the sake of national security. Irresponsible. "I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you." CNN freaked when Trump called it a rigged system in 2016. Now, the daily narrative is focused on how Russia is undermining the integrity of our elections. Bizarre way for Democrats to act if they are sincerely expecting a Blue Wave. NFL to have first male cheerleaders. 


Ohio Special Election, Alex Jones' Social Media Expulsion & Democrat Plans For Social Media Regulation


Special House election in Ohio today. Liberalism still not on the ballot, but a Democrat victory will lead to more Liberalism in America. A Blue Wave in November? We already know how this will be covered in the media. Alex Jones shut down by Facebook, YouTube, Apple (iTunes) & spotify. Censorship or hate speech? Jones asks, "which conservative is next?" Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) leaked plans for government regulation/control of social media. Nothing to worry about: they just need to know where you are when you make a social media post.