The Radical Left's Preference of Appearances Over Reality


Death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Incredibly disturbing & wicked facts surfacing about his death. Trump still trying to determine facts and who knew what - and when. Calls for sanctions, being tough with Saudi Arabia. Unity regarding Iran. More silliness from Elizabeth Warren. Self-appointed spokesperson for the Pocahontas family. Identity politics. Caravan of refugees from Honduras. Trump warns caravan, Central American countries. Appearances vs Reality. Looking tough vs being tough.

It's a Good Day to Hear from the Official Pocahontas Family Spokesperson


Elizabeth Warren releases her DNA test 3 weeks before the midterm election. Wants Trump to pay-up, but Trump says “not so fast.” Looking back to Warren’s years at Harvard. A female minority professor? 1/64-1/1,024 Native American? Who thinks like this? Is Warren less Native American than the average person of European descent? More political missteps by the Left. Claire McCaskill exposed by Project Veritas.

Our Interview with Marcus Luttrell


Today, I’m pleased to interview Marcus Luttrell, author of Lone Survivor. Enter to win tickets to see Marcus at the Patriot Tour on our website or by leaving a message of gratitude to our military veterans on the Huff Hotline (317-455-5250). Or you can purchase tickets to see Marcus and other American heroes at The Patriot Tour.

The Media Loses It Over Kanye & Trump


Kanye West & Jim Brown have lunch with Trump. Oval Office press event causes media to meltdown. While he was all over the place with some of his comments, he brought up some very important issues. Media outraged Trump had lunch with Kanye instead of “doing something about the hurricane.” But what exactly does that mean?

Radicals Politicizing Hurricanes - Literally As They Come Ashore


As Hurricane Michael literally comes ashore in the Florida Panhandle, CNN tells us we should stop calling them natural disasters. They tell us we should call them “unnatural disasters.” Probably caused by Trump. And Republicans. And from eating beef. And having children. Trump’s op-ed in USA Today reframes the midterm election, and the Media/Democrats don’t like it. We’re less than a month from the election, and Trump is in full campaign mode. CNN wonders if USA Today should even run the editorial.