Battle Lines Have Been Drawn


Trump and Democrats entrench over the border wall fight. Government shutdown looms Friday. Fight for the narrative. Border security vs government shutdown. Rhetoric. Biden leads Iowa Caucus poll. Nothing new for the Democrats. Four old white guys and a Clinton 2.0? UK advertising watchdog’s ad criteria. Teen lectures UN climate change panel. She’s terrified of climate change, but seems completely unconcerned with the devastating force of big government.

Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Malawi


Senate votes to end US military assistance for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sponsor resolution. My immense respect for Mike Lee. It’s good to see Senate keeping presidential powers in check. But did the Senate make the right decision? Impact of Khashoggi’s murder. Did it just draw attention to the war? US sometimes has to cooperate with bad actors - like Stalin & the Soviets during WWII - in order to ensure our vital interests are met. Is that the case here? Interview with Dick Stephens, founder & board member of The Malawi Project. Whatever the narrative of the day, the fundamentals of what needs to happen in this great nation do not change. We discuss.

The Real Threat to the Constitution


Congressman Ted Lieu, from the People’s Republic of California, would “love to be able to regulate the content of speech,” but the darn First Amendment gets in the way. The real assault on our Constitution and Free Speech. CNN. California wants to tax text messages - retroactively. Middle school student was forced to change his last name (Trump) because of bullying. American University calls for minority-only spaces on campus in order to, you guessed it, promote inclusion. What better way to promote inclusion than by excluding other groups of students?

Border Security or a Government Shutdown?


Trump, Pelosi & Schumer have public argument about border security and a government shutdown. Nancy Pelosi needs experts to tell her if walls work. Migrants make demands of US at southern border: $50K and we go home. The battle for control of the narrative: border security or government shutdown?

CNN Licking Lips Over Possibility of Impeachment


CNN’s Jim Acosta reports Trump is concerned about impeachment. You think? But here’s what he really wants you to take from that headline. Trump’s accomplishments. The political debate is more about personality than ideas - and that’s dangerous. Journalist wants airlines to segregate women on flights. More dire predictions about climate change. No one wants Michael Bloomberg to run for president - at his own company.