Fallout from DACA

Fallout from Trump's decision to end DACA. Trump statement (given by Jeff Sessions). Obama's statement about DACA. A brief history of DACA. How did we get here? What's next? And what can Congress do? Constitutional authority. Congressional leadership - or lack thereof. Hurricane Irma. Massive storm. Climate changers are blaming our activity for this storm. Shouldn't make political pawns of these victims. Most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic. Devastating hit to Lesser Antilles. On path to hit Florida?

Trump To End DACA

Reports are that Trump is terminate President Obama's DACA executive order. Giving Congress 6 months to implement their own immigration legislation. This is what should have been done originally. Compare & contrast DACA with President Trump's temporary travel ban from countries with a terrorism problem - or what the media has called "Muslim majority countries." Who's really in charge of immigration anyway? North Korea escalating. Nikki Haley tells UN "enough is enough," and "North Korea is begging for war." Twenty-plus years of playing games with North Korea. Debt ceiling. More than half in UK are 'non-religious.' This sentiment has come to America, too. For one missionary, the place most hostile to the Gospel is Boston.

Free Market Healthcare

Hurricane Harvey cleanup begins. Trump to donate $1 million of his own money. Still draws criticism. Others raising money for hurricane relief/recovery. This is a disaster, but Texans are tough & Americans are generous. Rally together & pray. Trump to cut Obamacare advertising budget. Left says he's trying to cause it to implode, when everyone knows it's already collapsing. Why advertise a bad thing? Interview with Adam Habig of Freedom Healthworks. Free market healthcare. Direct pay medicine/direct primary care. Southern Poverty Law Center lists 1,503 Confederate monuments to 'bring down' that includes military bases, schools, cities & counties. Perspective. See you after Labor Day!

Taxes & Healthcare

Economic numbers revised upward for 2Q GDP. Waiting for Trump to tell us the numbers are even better than he promised. Also waiting for Obama to take credit. What's the role of a president in the economy? The Nutty Professor Bernie Sanders & Kamala Harris introduce single payer healthcare. Tax reform next on the agenda. Republicans better get this done. Iranian update. Jihadi Joe with the official disclaimer. North Korea threatens Guam (again). This is how Iran is going to behave in the future if we don't stop them from acquiring nuclear weapons under deal.

Conservatism Is ...

Today, we decided to do things a little differently. We're talking about a fundamentally important issue that needs to be communicated & understood. (And, no, that's not Melania Trump's choice of footwear while visiting hurricane-ravaged Southeast Texas.) Today we share a primer on conservatism. I discuss why I believe what I believe & why I believe in the beauty of the American system - though it's been corrupted by politicians and lovers of big government. Thanks for listening.