Cam, Iran & Bump Stocks

Cam Newton is dropped by Dannon for his sexist comments. Representative Tim Murphy of PA (R) resigns after admitting to having an affair - and encouraging his mistress to have an abortion when she became pregnant - despite being staunchly pro-life. Power corrupts people - and it's why Trump calls it "The Swamp." Iran Update. Jihadi Joe. Will Trump decertify the Iran Deal? Iran is violating the agreement already, in at least 4 ways. NRA open to review and possible regulations of bump stocks. Second Amendment embodies our God-given right to protect ourselves from anyone. Green Berets killed in West Africa. Having conversations with some liberals who want to talk with me about some issues. Trying to figure out how to pull that into a program that's already short on time. This stemmed from a liberal on Facebook who declined my invitation to explain why he found the death of Christians worldwide funny. By the way, Day 5 of his self-imposed caller-exile. Have a great weekend!

Many Questions Remain

Many questions remain regarding Las Vegas shooting & Stephen Paddock. Some think there were multiple shooters. Many gun experts/former military guys seriously doubt Paddock's ability to pull this off on his own. Must be well-trained & in good shape. Conspiracy theories vs reasonable questions. Cam Newton accused of sexist comments to female reporter. NFL response. Compare to National Anthem response. NBC Fake News Alert: Tillerson almost resigned - except he says he's never considered resigning. Russian collusion now focusing on discredited Russian dossier. Trump+Putin+Facebook+Democrat Narrative = 2016 Victory. 

Uncovering a Motive

Investigators still trying to find answers about Stephen Paddock's motive for killing 58 innocent concert-goers in Las Vegas. But Drexel Associate Professor George Ciccariello-Maher has it all figured out: white people & men go on shooting sprees when they don't get what they want. Shut down the investigation and head home, FBI: Associate Professor Ciccariello-Maher has solved the mystery. ABC's Terry Moran's comments about Americans and guns. There used to be a profession called journalism. What happens when lovers of big government make are told 'no' by funders of big government? Russian collusion update. Trump+Putin+Facebook+Democrat Campaign Narrative = Trump Victory in Key Swing States? Trump in Puerto Rico. AMA declares gun violence a public health crisis. Las Vegas Police Union leader says NFL player Michael Bennett owes them an apology. 

Politicizing Tragedy Before We Know The Facts

A summary of what we know about the Las Vegas shooter. Still many unanswered questions. But many on the Left politicize anyway. Promoting gun control solutions before understanding what happened. Heroic action taken by citizens and first responders. Blood donations rapidly increase in Las Vegas as people try to help victims and respond to need. Donald Trump in Puerto Rico today. Revisiting the deep political divisions we have in our country. The lovers of government vs the funders of government. Some Leftists are throwing an absolute tantrum because the ones paying the bill have said 'enough.' Conservative, not bitter.

Las Vegas Shooting

A gunman opens fire on Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Latest reports indicate at least 50 are dead and over 100 injured. Gunman killed. Details still coming in. NFL has taken a hit over the National Anthem protests. NBA Commissioner says we shouldn't expect NBA players to take a knee. Colts players t-shirts say why they stand. Why didn't they just do this in the first place? Political civil war. Why the tension? The lovers of government vs the funders of government. Conservatives finally fight back. Puerto Rico recovery. Trump vs San Juan Mayor vs Puerto Rio Governor. Tom Price resignation. North Korea. Rocket man. Kasich to quit GOP? How a Facebook face-off turned into Rodney's Caller-in-Exile Clock. Oprah 2020.