Pocahontas & Identity Politics


Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren at event honoring Navajo WWII code talkers. Calls her Pocahontas. Racial slur - or simply mocking Warren for trying to use an identity for career & political gain. Never proved she was Native American. I'm actually related to Pocahontas, so am I not the most qualified to comment? ... The Far Left thinks men are fundamentally flawed and that women are, in fact, superior. Their worldview versus the Christian worldview. Created in God's image, but we abused our power of choice. Sin. Joy Reid blames rural Americans for our political problems. Tough day for white Christian men in middle America I guess. 


Draining the Swamp


John Conyers steps down as ranking Democrat on House Judiciary Committee. Serving his 27th term. Al Franken returns to work today. "From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." Roy Moore up by 7 on Doug Jones? Archbishop of Canterbury confused why people would support Trump. Big government is a big evil. God created us to live as free people, not as subjects to a government. 




Today, we devote our program to talking about the history of Thanksgiving. A nod to Rush. Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. Thankful for America. Free markets vs Socialism. Liberty. Gratitude for our listeners, sponsors and station. God bless - and Happy Thanksgiving!

Power Corrupts


California judge rules Trump's executive order on sanctuary cities unconstitutional. What are people who want to enforce the law supposed to do? Sexual allegations are too numerous to comprehend. Politicians. Hollywood. Media. Wide ranging - but all reprehensible. Some violent, criminal acts. Abuse of power. Twitter face-off: Trump, Lynch, Del Rio's wife. 

The War on Truth, Logic & Reason

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Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch stands for Mexican national anthem & sits for The Star Spangled Banner in a game in Mexico City. Border patrol agent killed. Trump vs Lavar Ball. Pastors who support(ed) Roy Moore. War on Truth, Logic & Reason. Rich Lowry blames Bannon, not the GOP.