Panic Over FISA Memo Release


Panic over release of FISA memo. A review of FISA's intended purpose. Balancing against American's constitutional rights against warrantless searches and seizures. Fourth Amendment. More laws, more criminals. Abusing government. Drain the Swamp. FBI Director to quit over FISA memo release? Maxine Waters comments. Russians coming after her too? Wants a parental advisory disclaimer for Trump? Haha! Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil is only correct 39% of the time. Much better results than the Left has at being correct on political issues. Have a great weekend. 


The Democrat Narratives Are Unraveling


We've been told Republicans are in trouble in 2018. And midterms are traditionally tough for the party in power. But what's so good about being a Democrat in 2018? Undeniable improvements under Trump. Stock market up. Unemployment down. Consumer confidence outpacing predictions. GDP at/above 3%. Businesses giving bonuses & raises - and making investments in US. Credit tax cuts. Democrats looking like children. Boycotts. Wearing black. Refusing to clap. Mess of SOTU rebuttals. The Left's narratives are crumbling into a heap of trash. Now FISA memo about to be released - as early as today according to a Trump Administration official. This memo has been set-up to be a major bombshell. Schiff protesting quite a bit. Grammatical errors and FBI/Democrat edits constitute "material changes?" Setting up for one heck of a show (and probably a fight) about this FISA memo. 


Blessed To Be An American


Breaking down President Trump's first official State of the Union Address. Fantastic & inspirational. CBS poll finds 75% of Americans who watched the speech approve of it. But only 25% of viewers were Democrats. Bernie's technical problem. What in the world was worth protesting in this speech? And what did Trump say that made him sound mentally unstable? The little I heard of Joe Kennedy's speech was much more illogical & problematic. Why sit when Trump tells us the African American & Hispanic American unemployment rates are at all time lows? Stand, clap and then tell us the nonsensical drivel that these results are because of Obamanomics. A few of my problems. Overall, very pleased with the speech. We need to hear that story of America much more often from our leaders. Host of heroes & great personal stories shared last night. Out of time. 

Preparing For Trump's First SOTU Address


Trump to deliver first State of the Union Address to nation tonight. Left in meltdown mode. Eleven Democrats are boycotting event. Some are wearing black for their support of the #MeToo movement. Five Democrats are giving responses. I still think Maxine Waters - or maybe Bernie Sanders - is giving the official response. Professor tricks students, including a disabled Marine Corps vet, to walk on the American flag. Calls it art. "Outdated models of masculinity," like what we see in the movie "12 Strong," is criticized. Release the FISA memo. Nancy Pelosi says the border wall is "almost immoral." Convoluted view of morality. 


What Is The State Of Our Union?


Grammy's get political. So shocking. Jay-Z 2020? Ever notice that after every awards show, we get a new political candidate for the Left? I'm still holding out hope for Sexy Sexy Sexy Martin O'Malley. Political discourse. Confusion, fear & misunderstanding. State of the Union (SOTU) Address tomorrow. Trump to tout economy & talk about his vision for infrastructure, immigration, trade & national security. Democrats select Far Left extremist Maxine Waters to deliver SOTU response. People's SOTU tonight - hosted by Hollywood elitists. Trump wants to nationalize 5G network? Had a great time speaking at a church in North Vernon yesterday. Very grateful for the invitation. Want me to speak at your church, civic association or tea party group? Gratitude for being an American.