White House Boycotts, D-Day & the Politicization of Everything


Lebron James & Steph Curry agree: winner of NBA Finals will not attend White House. Eagles trip to White House canceled; Trump holds celebration of America instead. JDot makes an appearance to share his thoughts. Americans have news fatigue. Everything is political. Remembering D-Day. Howard Schultz: Democrat Party has moved too far Left. (He's right.)


Unpacking the Supreme Court's Decision Involving Gay Wedding Cakes


Today, we unpack the Supreme Court's ruling in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Can the government force a company/citizen to bake a cake for a gay wedding? How did we get to this point? What exactly did the Court decide in its 7-2 vote? Concurring opinion of Clarence Thomas / Neil Gorsuch. 

More Collusion Talk, a Living Wage & Radicals on Display


Trump-Russia Collusion narrative continues. Drain the Swamp. The Deep State. Fighting subpoena. Interview with Moeller. Self-pardon? Facebook facing more data-sharing problems. Flashback to Zuckerberg testimony. Bernie Sanders and a "living wage." Truth in economics. The value of a job is not the same as the value of the person. Alisyn Camerota compares MS-13 to Trump Campaign. I'm curious which group she'd be more likely to identify as animals. White Rutgers professor wants to ban white people from his neighborhood. Palestinian school children participate in play where they take orthodox Jew hostage and mock execute a member of the IDF. The world is nuts. 


What Can Google & Samantha Bee Learn From Conservative Not Bitter Talk Radio?


Google lists ideology of California Republican Party as "Nazism." Above bias? Fact-checkers. Ours is a society high on information, but low on wisdom. Samantha Bee. C-word to describe Ivanka Trump. Roseanne Barr. Free speech. Government versus private companies. Conservative not bitter. Destroy the argument, not the person. 


The Beauty of the American System


Today, I return from jury duty after we have reached a verdict. This experience has illustrated even more reasons why I'm thankful to be American. Reasonable doubt. Presumption of innocence. The judicial branch. Our criminal justice system.