The Political Tension Will Not Go Away


Nancy Pelosi officially nominated by Democrats for Speaker of House. Remember Democrats running in red states as moderates? Now they have a radical Leftist Speaker. Step 2 is that they will follow her lead and vote in line with the radical from San Francisco. And if they don’t, they will have to strike a deal with her to get permission to vote otherwise. Trump tweets meme of Democrats in jail. Mia Love’s comments about Republicans’ inability to connect with minority voters.

Funding the Border Wall


Republicans win in Mississippi - a state that many thought would flip to Democrat. Lame duck session of Congress dealing with funding border wall. Government shutdown looms. If we cannot get a border wall funded now, we never will. The craziness that’s about to ensue with the 2019 Democrat-controlled House. Just pay for it. A timely story.

War on Reality


New DHS numbers concerning the caravan are released. Ninety percent (90%) of the caravan members are ineligible for asylum? At least 600 known criminals? Mostly men? Others want us to believe these are women and children just trying to find safety - even though they refused Mexico’s & the UN’s offers. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s compares caravan to Jews fleeing Nazi Germay and has Twitter face-off with Lindsey Graham. Don Lemon’s silly commentary. Oh yeah: there is a “war on reality” - but it’s not what Don Lemon thinks it is.

Border Madness


Migrant caravan reaches California border at Tijuana, Mexico. Storms border. Throws large rocks. Border Patrol deploys tear gas. Properly framing this situation. Context matters. The dishonest media. Parallel to concerns SEALs had in Lone Survivor. Chief Justice John Roberts’ statement about the judiciary. Engages in fight with Trump. No differences in judges? Absurd.

False Equivalencies


False equivalencies are being drawn between Ivanka’s & Hillary’s use of private emails. What Ivanka didn’t do. New York Times, CNN & others going after Trump for his desire to have the Justice Department prosecute Hillary. We shouldn’t allow political winners to criminally pursue their political opponents. But is that really what’s happening here? Isn’t it also true that we shouldn’t grant someone criminal immunity because of her political position and favorability in the media? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - and I’d like to share a little about things I’m thankful for, and why I’m thankful for them.