Pelosi-Led Congress Begins Exactly As Expected


Democrats take control of The House. Speaker Pelosi may have skipped pages in her speech, but she isn’t sure. Oh, the symbolism. Articles of Impeachment introduced - again. House Rules - and Heritage Action’s summary of the changes. Mitt Romney’s editorial about Trump. President shapes public character of a nation. But the character of a nation is also reflected in the people it elects. A battle for the character, heart & soul of our nation. This is the real battle today.

Buckle Up for 2019


Nancy Pelosi takes gavel in House once again. Get ready for a wild ride in 2019. Government shutdown continues. No end in sight? Political repercussions. Elizabeth Warren announces presidential bid. Awkward home video of her drinking beer. Superficial politics. Romney editorial. Vape store employee loses his marbles when MAGA-wearing customer walks into store.

Will the GOP Stand Firm?


House passes bill that gives $5.7 billion to border wall. Trump supports, indicates he’ll veto Senate bill that doesn’t fund wall. Very real possibility government will now shutdown. What happens next? My interview with Michael Jr. I strongly, strongly encourage you to check him out on YouTube. Last episode of 2018. Appreciation and gratitude. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Government Fails Yet Again


Senate passes resolution to avoid government shutdown - but it has no funding for a border wall. Trump appears prepared to sign legislation, caving on initial stance that he would shut government down if wall was not funded. Political fallout. Democrats conduct “secret research” during last year’s Alabama Senate election. This is taken seriously is absolutely mind-blowing. Mimicking techniques they learned from Russia’s “meddling” in 2016 race - but not to influence the election. Oh no: this was purely for science. How I wish more people would think for themselves. Remember (now defunct) & Jason Levin?

Flynn, Border Security & China


Michael Flynn sentencing hearing. Judge out-of-control. Prejudicial comments. Inaccurate comments. Treason? Dershowitz gives us Flynn’s options. Abrams calls the process vindictive. This entire Russian collusion investigation has been vindictive and out-of-control. Border security & border wall. Negotiating with Democrats. Shutdown Friday? Communist Party in China going after Christians & people of other faiths.