The Static Lens Offers No Solution


Democrats plan for border security is not serious and if it is, it is the result of their looking at life through a static lens. Cap on border patrol agents. Beef up security at ports of entry, but do nothing to impede progress of those crossing between those points. Can they not anticipate the countermeasures to their ideas? Apparently, 70% income tax isn’t enough. Let’s try 90%. Spending problem, not revenue problem. Donald Trump Jr’s phone call wasn’t what they told us. Still “mysterious.” Russian dirt.

Making Sense of It All


Bitter cold hits Midwest. Inevitable discussion about climate change. Trump mocks global warming on Twitter. Too cold to talk? Not why I was out yesterday. Trump has spat with intelligence community. Schumer calls for intervention. Stacey Abrams to give rebuttal to State of the Union address. Radical Leftists & open Socialists are taking (more) control of the Democrat Party. Mueller tells us that Russians tried to use disinformation campaign against his probe - but apparently journalists did their job and stopped it from happening. It seems to me that the most surprising part of this story is that we have journalists who actually confirm the information they’ve been provided from sources. Joshua Tree National Park could take 300 years to recover from government shutdown? Huh? No follow-up question; just take it at face value I guess.

My Conversation with Dr. Ken Ham


Today, I talk with Dr. Ken Ham - Author, Speaker & CEO of Answers in Genesis. The issues we discuss today are vitally important questions we must answer in our lifetimes.

Now What?


FBI does everything but kick in the door on Roger Stone Friday morning. Arrested without giving the chance to turn himself in - as CNN happened to appear on-the-scene. Then released on relatively low bail. Out of control behavior by our federal government should concern everyone, but many are blinded by political rage. Trump agrees to reopen government. Harsh criticism from some conservatives. Others think he did the right thing - even outsmarting Democrats. What happens in 3 weeks? Another shutdown? National Emergency Declaration? The silly narratives we’re subjected to. List of 2020 Democrat candidates. Diversity is the narrative this year - but it wasn’t in 2016, when Republicans had a much more diverse slate of candidates than the Democrats. Four old white guys and a Clinton.

This Is Why Nothing Gets Done In Washington


Good ole CNN wonders what Trump is going to do to end the shutdown. Confused about what he wants. Maybe they wouldn’t be so confused if Chuck Pelosi communicated with him. Even if he wanted to end it today, no legislation has passed both chambers of Congress that he could sign. They could probably get that done if he indicated he would sign it, but 2 pieces of legislation designed to reopen the government failed to pass the Senate yesterday. Gridlock. Filibuster rules. Narratives. Political posturing. New gruesome abortion law in effect in New York. And they say walls are immoral.