A Fight for the Nomination

1st Segment: GOP Debate was like the Wild West last night. Moderators were awful, with exception of Bret Baier. Crowd behind the camera was out of control & acting like idiots. Perhaps worst debate yet. Insults. Name-calling. Interruptions. John Kasich was 5 times better, but still least desirable candidate on stage. All that said, each candidate also had their moment. Little Marco. Small hands. Big Donald. Yoga. Ahhh!!!

2nd Segment: Clarifying comments about John Kasich. The combination of 2 things have been missing from the Republican Party in recent years: Conservatism & Fight. The reason Kasich is least desirable to me is because he lacks both of these in my estimation. All others have a degree of this, the amount which we can debate. Supporting the GOP nominee. Loophole for brokered convention?

3rd Segment: We are now on The Internet's Conservative Radio Network & Red State Talk Radio. A few words about the great people in the Conservative talk community. My sincere gratitude. John Kasich's closing statement. Washington will send us power back? Not exactly how that works.

4th Segment: Most appear to think Trump won debate. #NeverTrump movement. If you're for anyone but Trump, there are a few possible ways to beat him. But his getting the nomination is probable as of right now. We briefly discuss them.

5th Segment: Drudge Report liked one of my tweets. If walls don't work, why is there an immigrant rush before wall is built? Even fences present troubles - until they are knocked down by Muslim invaders in Europe. Have a great weekend!