March 24, 2016

1st Segment: A little late today. Overslept! Follow us on Spreaker to help us get on iHeart Radio. If you follow us on Spreaker, email me ( and I'll get you a free t-shirt. Working on the first issue of our first email newsletter. Subscribe to get access to exclusive interviews, content & commentary.  ISIS is at war with us & the West, but our politicians talk about rhetoric. Politicians have created many of problems we face today. Students at Emory University have precious safe space violated. Police in Belgium are surprised by amount of explosives found. Zero tolerance. 

2nd Segment: New Todd Huff Radio logo in the works. Will share on Facebook soon. We have a real problem with Islamic terrorism. And our politicians are unwilling to handle it properly. Rumors spread about an Indian priest captured by ISIS who may be crucified on Good Friday. ISIS has crucified others - including children. Jesus. Palm Sunday. Passover Meal. Good Friday. Excruciating means "out of the Cross."

3rd Segment: Paul Ryan is confused on priorities facing America. Rhetoric & calls for unity are not as important as leadership on key issues, such as terrorism, illegal immigration, debt, spending, deficits, etc. We should be more concerned with Muslim frontlash than Muslim backlash. Time for a little levity and fun. J-Dot returns with a 3-in-3.

Final Segment: Remember to follow us on Spreaker & let me know via email - and I'll send you a free t-shirt. New logo will be posted soon - and I'd love to know your feedback!