March 28, 2016

1st Segment: Easter weekend. Didn't work. Took kids to Brown County State Park. Final Four is set. Follow up on Spreaker, get a free t-shirt while they last. If we go live, Spreaker is where you'll be able to hear show live. The Petite Patriot released a new blog today. Bernie wins big over weekend. Won 75% of available delegates in last 5 states, but he still is very unlikely to win nomination. Superdelegates are Democrat Kingmakers. Democrat primary discussion.

2nd Segment: Democrat Party is a mess. Hillary may have to do interview with FBI. Neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz have to do that. Bernie's chances of winning are incredibly small, but I'm surprised at how many people are willing to support a self-avowed Socialist. Ted Cruz sex scandal. Nothing good comes from this. Surprising, but any man can fall into this temptation. David, Uriah & Bathsheba. 

3rd Segment: Echo in studio. More on Ted Cruz scandal. Tabloids aren't always wrong, but remember Tiger Woods & John Edwards. But many stories in tabloids are merely gossip. Did Breitbart hold story? Washington Times confirms Ted Cruz story at least in part. What if a Democrat was accused? Bill & Hillary examples. Extramarital affairs open the door for extortion & blackmail, especially when national security is involved - as it was with David Petraeus. Of course, Hillary is the one who mishandled classified intel. 

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