March 29, 2016

1st Segment: One week out from Wisconsin primary. This could get interesting. Thank you for following us on Spreaker. If you follow us on Spreaker, let me know & I'll send you a free t-shirt. A great compliment on Twitter. The Petite Patriot received her t-shirt. Democrat Party a mess. Hillary to be questioned by FBI. Bernie falls prostrate before the Kingmakers. Barbara Streisand condemns America for being sexist. The superficial Left. In 2008 we were racist. In 2016, we are sexist. Who could've seen this coming? 

2nd Segment: Race tightening in Wisconsin. Race tightening elsewhere. The 2 guys who can't win are telling us they are best suited to run against the other Party's candidate in a general election. GOP Establishment to select someone besides Cruz or Trump? If they do, they will cause major harm to the GOP. Nomination process & delegates discussed. 

3rd Segment: Issues with iPhone software update. Of course, my iPhone updated about 20 minutes before I read this story. Reports are that ISIS crucified priest on Good Friday. Nature of our enemy. They view this 100% as a holy war. They are willing to kill & even die for their beliefs. Crucifixion is meant to extend & prolong the pain of death as well as intimidate others. Other examples of crucifixion.

Final Segment: Republican Town Hall tonight on CNN. Still looking for Spreaker followers. If you follow me, let me know & I'll send you a 100% free t-shirt. Check out The Petite Patriot's latest blog post.