March 31, 2016

1st Segment: Follow us on Spreaker, let me know you followed us & I'll send you a 100% free t-shirt. Welcome to potential Bernie Sanders listeners. The Nutty Professor will not be the Democrat nominee, unless The Possible Criminal Hillary Clinton ends up in an orange jumpsuit. Hillary being investigated by FBI. Capitalism v Socialism. Free market does charity best. Teaching self-sufficiency is best. Facing consequences of decisions. Status of the nomination process. Conservative, not bitter. Social media. Our custom Snapchat filter for the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. 

2nd Segment: Bernie can't win nomination unless Hillary is indicted - and he may still not win. A review of the GOP primary. Kasich still in 4th place out of 3 candidates. Indiana & Pennsylvania may play important role in GOP primary. Brokered/Contested Convention? What if delegates won't nominate Trump or Cruz? 

3rd Segment: Snapchat filter. My other company can build a Snapchat filter if you're interested. Interested in prayer team? Please email me: New logo. Will Bernie be on DC ballot? Rules & Democrats. Corey Lewandawski. Los Angeles Lakers D'Angelo Russell

Final Segment: Audio version of the Daily Dose is no longer available because I need to get more efficient. But you can still access the Daily Dose blog.