Moving Toward Cleveland

1st Segment: One of those nights. Pie at Gray's. Didn't watch Democrat debate. Great to connect with listeners. FCA Camp. New advertisers soon. Ways to help the show: 

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Democrat debate is predictable & boring. Hillary & Jorge Ramos go at it about possible indictment. 

2nd Segment: Yesterday's show required that I cut commercials out! So much great content. Be sure to check out Elizabeth's post on The Blaze if you haven't already. Will Hillary drop out if indicted? Tactics of liars. My own personal story of a vendor I was considering working with at Huff Promotional Strategies

3rd Segment: Hillary channeling her inner Donald Trump? Socialism is an old, tired ideology of failure & poverty. Equality of misery. The Left's love of countries like Denmark & Sweden. What happens in a world without US military might, funded by Capitalism? Madmen in the world do not operate by our silly rules. Must be willing to forcibly protect ourselves & our interests. 

Final Segment: Washington Times predicts GOP delegate count & Convention. Another opinion of why supporters have flocked to Trump. Only endorsement we make: the GOP nominee over Hillary.