The Fight Has Only Begun

1st Segment: Iran launching missiles - no doubt to help deliver electricity to rural Iran. Jihadi Joe parody theme song. Bernie wins Michigan. Hillary still dominates in delegates and leads 1,221-571. Likelihood of Bernie winning nomination is very tiny. He needs to win 61% of remaining delegates. Hillary dominates Superdelegates 95-5. Bernie may need to win 2/3 of remaining delegates. The inevitable nominee is in the Democrat Party: Hillary Clinton, the possible criminal herself. It's a blowout. Rubio campaign complaining about Cruz volunteer in Hawaii. 

2nd Segment: More about Iran missile test. Decided to play Jihadi Joe theme song for our new listeners on Red State Talk Radio & Conservative Radio Network. Background to song. Iranian update examples. 

3rd Segment: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz interview on Fox News was a train wreck & totally incoherent. Real problem in election is on Left. Republicans have a fight, but not a criminal investigation. Last night's GOP results & current standings. Trump is likely nominee, but it isn't over yet. Conservatives: have hope. This process & fight is a good thing. 

4th Segment: This fight is a good, necessary thing. Good signs come from having this fight. Conservatism wins when it is clearly articulated. Cruz v Trump poll in hypothetical matchup. Kasich & Rubio should drop out. We need to hash this out before the Convention. Hillary can't win. Elizabeth Greenaway, a long-time listener, has been published on The Blaze - and she'll be blogging with us soon!

Final Segment: I'm impressed by Elizabeth and my audience in general; nothing but sincere gratitude.