Trump vs Cruz

1st Segment: Rubio drops out of race. Fantastic speech. Rubio is a tremendous communicator and Conservative orator. John Kasich needs to drop out. No path to nomination. Let remaining voters decide between the 2 leaders: Trump & Cruz. Avoid a messy convention. Trump will possibly run 3rd party if "treated unfairly" by GOP. Hillary is Democrat nominee. Don't know if Bernie & his supporters know that. Hillary unofficially launches campaign against Trump. 

2nd Segment: Hillary victory speech. Sorry Bernie, but it's true. Bernie can't win. Both parties have candidates in race with no path to nomination: Bernie & Kasich. Hillary unofficially launches campaign against Donald Trump

3rd Segment:  Ted Cruz can still win, but it's a thin path. Need a 2-man GOP race for remaining states to decide. The Nutty Professor can stay in the race as far as I'm concerned. The cost of Socialistic programs. The government helping us reach our God-given potential? Hillary only wants power. 

Final Segment: Iran launching missiles all over the place - a clear violation of the so-called Iran Deal. But Russia says it isn't. This sounds promising.