House Judiciary Committee holds Attorney General William Barr in contempt - for following the law. How we got here. This has been a political sideshow from the very beginning - and it has continued to be a political production all along the way. It. Is. Not. Real. But their desired results - anger & rage aimed at President Trump - are real. The Democrats' search for unicorns and leprechauns continues. Collusion. Obstruction. Contempt. California couple fined $586,000 for killing a 180-year-old oak tree on their property, although the tree was in a conservation easement. Study finds that there are more than 17 million government workers who earn over 14% more than their private counterparts. The growth and scope of government is the real constitutional crisis. Uber IPO estimates value of company at $80-$90 billion. Drivers think they should make more & some complain of being mistreated by company. Uber loses $0.58 per ride.