Trump to issue tariffs on all Mexican imports on June 10th. Start at 5% and increase by 5% every month until tariffs reach 25%. Cutting through the rhetoric and understanding the rationale for this. Tariffs are not good, but neither is the cost & consequences of illegal immigration. In fact, if tariffs help remedy this proble is greater than the short-term burden of these tariffs - even though I fully acknowledge that tariffs are not good. A springboard to explain why it is that many embrace Trump and what he's doing. And despite what the media and Left say, it doesn't include racism, xenophobia or sexism. Bob Iger says Disney may boycott filming in Georgia if the state's "Heartbeat Bill" takes effect. But as The Daily Caller points out, they have no problem with China, who blatantly abuses human rights of Muslims, Christians and others. Angela Merkel gives Harvard commencement address. Goes after Trump, America First policies.