DNC Chair Tom Perez says there will be no single issue debate on climate change. Calls it impractical. Faces pushback. Jay Inslee says what is impractical is planting crops in 8 feet of water, ostensibly blaming recent Midwest floods on climate change. Joe Biden pledges to cure cancer if elected. It is incredibly sad that Joe Biden lost his son, Beau, to brain cancer. I cannot imagine how terrible that must be. I don't have a problem with him promising to devote all available resources to cancer research - or even being hopeful that we can find a cure. But to promise it is something altogether different that plays to the hopes of Americans. Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop sued (again) - this time by Autumn Scardina, a transgender woman. Scardina is suing because Phillips refused to bake a gender transition cake for her because it violates his Christian faith. Is there only one bakery in Lakewood, Colorado?