Clarification on some things we discussed yesterday. Candi CdeBaca claims to be Democratic Socialist, but the ideology she says she wants to "usher in by any means necessary" is Communism. Let's not overcomplicate things. Messaging of Radical Left is designed to make Americans choose their anti-Consitutional ideology - sometimes unwittingly. Trump officially kicks off his 2020 campaign. The politics of 2020. Identity politics. Two old white guys and someone pretending to be a minority. Freebies. Sophistry. Messaging designed to make the election about anything besides what it's actually about: the Constitution and free markets versus Socialism and Big Government. Biden calling for "physical revolution" and using "brass knuckles." And Trump is the authoritarian Fascist, right? Some non-profits blaming Trump's tax cut law as reason individuals are giving less. But this is the real thret to giving.