Russian Collusion Update


Find yourself wondering what happened to the Russian Collusion narrative? Here’s a quick update of where we stand as we wait to hear more from Mueller.

Trump had no chance of winning the election – and he knew it. Despite being portrayed as the most evil man ever in America, Trump was unable to find anyone in his domestic network of deviants to steal the election from Hillary.

So he turned to Putin.

Trump then jumped on his jet and flew to Moscow to meet with Putin. In the Kremlin.  In a dimly-lit backroom. Filled with smoke. And men drinking Vodka.

They decided they would steal the election by running Facebook ads. Using Democrat talking points. And, somehow, almost magically, this perfect cocktail of collusion led to a Trump victory.

I wish I could tell you I expected more from our government after 10 months of investigations, but I’d be lying.